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What Does an SEO Consultant Do in 2015?

The term, search engine optmization has many meanings for different people. In it’s simplest form, SEO means to optimize a business with the goal to rank better in search engines.

1. An SEO Consultant Increases Online Revenue

Google, a search engine with 63% of the search engine market, continues to be a primary driver of traffic, visitors and leads for businesses online. In fact, a recent survey found a majority (51% of traffic) to a website was generated from organic search, or non-paid search. For some industries, this was even as high as 75%!

It’s not hard to see why… In short, consumers are becoming increasingly ad-nostic, they are ignoring advertising on all channels whether traditional marketing or digital advertising. Search engines on the other hand are trusted, Google is even more trusted than many news publishers.

Because of the customer distrust of ads and the universal adoption across all demographics of primarily using Google to find and purchase products and services, an SEO consultant in 2015 aims to increase organic traffic. However, the other 49% of traffic to a site is still important and focusing on search engines alone no longer works in 2015. SEO consultants also handle social media (5% of traffic in the study), paid search (10% of traffic) and other forms like referral traffic (can be generated from blogs on external sites, to partners and more).

2. To Increase Traffic, an SEO Consultant Wears Many Hats

Search engine optimization is truly a philosophy that is applied to all forms of online marketing. For a better position in search results, mastering customer satisfaction (reviews and reputation management), social media campaigns, viral marketing, content marketing, online video distribution, design, website development and more all feed into an overall strategy aligned with an SEO consultant – to

capture more customers online, increase revenue and feeding a business pipeline of leads.

Recent articles have revealed the absurdness of SEO consultants, as it’s rare to expect an individual to be proficient and knowledgeable on all digital marketing areas. Because of this, it’s suggested there are full stack digital marketers, and SEO specialists. The latter are more likely to excel in a few areas of SEO, such as on page optimization, technical SEO or simply content marketing. At Cleverly Engaged Marketing, it should be clear, we enjoy being full stack digital marketers!

3. An SEO Expert Consults Builds a Brand

As the strategy and perception of SEO has shifted, from a mystical approach for leads and revenue, to an adopted form of overarching digital marketing, consultants are required to share advice that hit on the fundamentals of a business brand.

To get a service business visible online, there is the typical and dated SEO approach:

1# Accept the business for what it is, optimize the website with better content than the competition and a design that looks more pleasing.

2# Continue to make the business stand out with aesthetics, changing perception and earning more conversions through looks rather than through the product or service.

And there is the new and more valuable approach for SEO consultants that borders on product strategy and fundamentals of marketing:

1# If the business service or product is below par or not differentiated, tell the owner. Prove it through market research and online reviews, plus in depth competitive analysis.

2# Provide strategic recommendations for brand improvement. Recommend partners to expand the service, visibility, referral sources and for differentiation

3# Earn rankings and organic traffic by being different. Either through an entire business model or through an approach that can be as small as a marketing campaign, like this attorney who is targeting his customers in an entirely unique way.

When you focus on building a brand online, only then can you begin to beat your competitors, be visible, well talked about and earn measurable revenue.