Customer Experience = Everything Digital

There’s no question, the internet has changed the way customers interact with brands. No longer can a business only pay an agency to create ads that tell customers what to think about a brand or product. Instead, customers decide for themselves. Whether it’s leaving a complaint on social media, using a mobile device to find a quick resolution to a burning question or price comparing with a competitor, the customer experience is everywhere.

Many agencies and businesses are slow to realize, to drive revenue online, an approach that focuses on all areas of the customer experience is required. Gone are the days of hiring a web design firm or an SEO agency. A partial focus delivers partial results. It used to be simple, it used to be easy.

  1. In the past, even 5 years ago… You could pay someone to build links to your site each month and you could see an immediate improvement.
  2. In the early days of the web, hiring a web designer to build a beautiful website was all that was needed to gain traffic.
  3. Ranking first in search results 5 – 10 years ago didn’t require good content, good design or good user experience. It only required an understanding of the system.
  4. Customers still use search engines to find and buy products/services, but a siloed approach on only one channel misses the full scope of the customer journey.
  5. Companies that succeed online today, deeply understand their customers and solve their problems. Often through great content, interactive tools and more.

When You Hire an Agency, You Outsource the Customer Experience

Realize that no matter the approach, companies that rely on outside help for marketing, outsource the customer experience. To succeed online today, often requires a deep understanding of a business, clients and competition. The relationship between a client and agency is not vendor to client. To be successful, the relationship requires a partner to client relationship.

What doesn’t work:

  1. Paying someone overseas cheaply, to manage the website, online marketing and more.
  2. Not being involved in the marketing of the business. Taking a hands off approach due to time or interest.
  3. Hiring a web design agency or designer, expecting to see more leads and results online
  4. Hiring one internal employee to manage all marketing online and offline.
  5. Not setting clear objectives and revenue expectations. Spending money on lengthy marketing contracts without monetary goals or performance metrics.

The Cleverly Engaged Experience

Founded with an accurate perspective on what works and what doesn’t, Cleverly Engaged Marketing is lead by Corey Barnett, a marketer with experience at Crown Partners (now Razorfish Platforms owned by Publicis Groupe, the world’s largest advertising agency ) and GlobeRunner (a top SEO agency in Dallas).

Corey founded Cleverly Engaged Marketing to get companies visible in all areas and to embrace the new approach to search engine marketing, one that targets customer growth, conversion and revenue through more than search position.

  1. A new client relationship begins with an outline of goals and expectations and a digital audit. Quickly assessing a client’s digital footprint, an outline and work road-map are created, highlighting the stages towards growth.
  2. Each contract is monthly, with anytime cancellation. However, each business is unique and most engagements are long term and value driven.
  3. Throughout an engagement, receive regular analytics and analysis on all items completed, along with detailed time reports so you know exactly what I spent my time on.

That’s the Cleverly Engaged Experience and difference. For us to succeed, we will need to work together. Unlike other agencies, I’ll provide regular tasks for your completion and approval.

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